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Post Drivers                                                          14


       The Keystone Driver is a heavy duty skid steer mount unit that is built to handle everyday contractor use.
       Adjustable driving height allows this post driver to accommodate a variety of posts and lengths. This
       Keystone Driver features a stationary guided down pressure drill with a hard surface coated auger.

       - Heavy duty commercial unit
                                                           Adjustable Driving Height: 4ft – 6ft – 8ft
       - Side tilt for uneven terrain
                                                           Maximum Post Size: 8” x 14’
       - Contractor proven quality                         Impact at Full Stroke: 131,000lbs
                                                           Tilt Adjustment: 20 degrees side/side
       - Guided down pressure drill
                                                           Keystone Driver with Down Pressure Auger: KP55
       - Hard surface coated auger                         Keystone Driver without Down Pressure Auger: KP55NA

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