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About Us

        Keystone Fence Supplies, LLC is a one-stop shop for all your agricultural, equine, and game
        fencing supplies & accessories. We began as a local contractor-based fence supply company in
        March of 1993. Since that time we have expanded to cover all levels of distribution.

        Our goal is to provide customers with the
        highest quality products and customer service.
        We are committed to providing an efficient,
        friendly, and high-quality customer experience.

        We strive to provide a high standard of
        employment for our employees while viewing
        and practicing all business with Christian
        principles. We are committed to our employees,
        and consider their dedication and work ethic to
        be one of our greatest assets.

                                                                  We want to provide you with the highest quality
                                                                  agricultural fence posts available! We are able to
                                                                  control quality by manufacturing our own fence posts,
                                                                  letting them air season properly, and then pressure
                                                                  treating them at our own wood preserving facility.

                                                                  Our Keystone Fence Supplies Wood Preserving Plant
                                                                  has a strong commitment to its people, to the
                                                                  environment, and to the community in which we
                                                                  operate. We treat in accordance with AWPA standards
                                                                  and have high standards for quality control.

   Our manufacturing facility processes 9+ million
   board feet of lumber a year, and is now powered by
   solar energy. We are expanding our system to
   include our office and warehouse buildings.

   Innovation never stops, and our solar energy
   system is just one way we are working to create a
   better future for tomorrow!

   We will continue to bring innovative products to
   the fencing industry to better serve our customers!

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