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3                                  Electric Supplies

    FenceGard Fault Finder                                        Flood Gate Controller
    The FenceGard Fault Finder is a combined                      The Flood Gate Controller
    voltmeter and current meter designed to quickly               automatically limits the
    locate electric fence faults. A large LCD panel               amount of power drawn
    displays fence voltage or current. The cordless               from a shorted wire due to
    design eliminates ground probes, and is                       flood or vegetation, allowing
    compatible with any fence energizer.                                        the rest of the fence to
    1 year warranty.                                              remain electrified.
    Product Code:  FGFF                                           Product Code:  PA38

    Parmak Fence Tester                                           Power Surge Protector

    The Parmak Fence Tester is used to                            The Power Surge Protector helps
    check voltage on an electric fence.                           protect your fence energizer from
    Six display lights glow in sequence to                        electrical overloads that can be caused
    show approximate voltage. A fence stud                        by lightning strikes or power surges.
    on the device allows you to simply touch                      Simply plug the protector into a
    the fence wire without the use of any                         grounded outlet and plug the charger
    clips or wires.  Made in the USA.                             into the protector.
    Product Code:  817                                            Product Code:  SP7817

    Gallagher Digital Volt Meter                                  Double Throw Cut-Out Switch
    The Gallagher Digital Volt Meter is a compact                 Double Throw Cut-Out switches are used to turn electric on and off
    handheld device  that measures the voltage of                 along the fence line. Double Throw
    your fence. A fence stud on the device allows you             Cut-Out switches can also be used to
    to simply touch the fence wire without the use of             direct electricity to the fence line of
    any clips or wires. The digital display clearly               choice or change the polarity of
    indicates the voltage level.                                  selected wires. These switches are an
    Product Code:  G503014                                        easy solution to disconnect electricity
                                                                  to unused pastures in order to
                                                                  increase voltage.
                                                                  Product Code:  2199

    Gallagher Live Fence Indicator                                FenceGard Heavy Duty Cut-Out Switch
    The Gallagher Live Fence Indicator uses power from            Cut-Out switches are used to turn
    your fence to flash an LED indicator light to easily          electric on and off along the fence
    identify if your fence is working properly.                               line. Cut-Out switches can also be
    No batteries are required. 1 year warranty.                   used to disconnect electricity from
    Product Code:  G51100                                         unused pastures in order to
                                                                  increase voltage. Manufactured with
                                                                  stainless steel components.
                                                                  Product Code:  245293

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