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Electric Supplies                                                            4

      FenceGard Electric Tape Connector                            Electric Fence Sign
      Electric Tape Connectors can be used to jump electrical power   These signs are printed on both sides of durable, UV resistant
      from one strand of electric tape to another. This product can   plastic. Comes with pre-drilled holes to mount on wooden
      also be used to link electric tape to the fence energizer.                                                                                                                           fence posts, or built in clips to hang on wire.
      Product Code:  30158     (10 per case)                       Product Code:  916     (10 per pack)

      Lightning Choke and Diverter Combo                           Underground Lead Out Wire
      This product combines the two essential components of a      The Underground Lead Out Wire is a 12.5 gauge, class 3
      lightning diverter.  The choke coil slows the surge of electrical   galvanized wire that has a UV resistant polyethylene coating.
      energy by inductive forces created in the coil. The energy   This product is designed to work with fence energizers.
      searching for the ground jumps the gap in the arrestor and finds   50’ - 551
      the fastest route to the ground. The arrestor on this product   100’ - 552
      features an adjustable gap for maximum protection.           250’ - 553
      Product Code:  610     (10 per case)                         500’ - 554

      Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamp                                  KFS Ground Rods
      The Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamp fits all ground rods         These 5/8” diameter KFS Ground Rods are hot dipped galvanized.
      up to 1 ¼” diameter.                                         6’ Long - 565     (10 per pack)
      Product Code:  566     (25 per case)

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