Outlast Q8 End Cut Oil

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Outlast Q8 Log Oil End Cut Solution is an EPA registered wood preservative. The formula is AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) vetted and specified to protect end cuts of pressure treated lumber from decay causing organisms.

Apply Outlast Q8 Log Oil End Cut Solution to end cuts of pressure-treated lumber to help prevent deterioration caused by termites, mold, mildew, and decay causing organisms.

Product Type: Oil based formula.
Uses: End cuts of pressure treated wood.
Meets AWPA Standard M-4 for End Cut treatments
Required by the IRC (International Residential Code)
Meets all Federal, State and Local VOC restrictions
Registered and available to residents of all 50 US States
Will never peel
Freeze/Thaw stable – extended shelf life
Detergent and water clean-up
Superior water repellency
Stops rot and decay organisms
Controls cracking and splitting

For best results, hand brush or dip the cut portion of the wood until saturated.
1 Gallon Covers Approx. 100-125 Square Feet.

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