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Wire Dispensers                                                             12

        The Self Loading Wire Dispenser is a heavy duty skid steer/3-point hook up mount unit that is built to handle
    everyday contractor use. This wire dispenser is capable of dispensing and stretching all types of woven wire up to 8ft
     high. Removable clamp bars allow you to move machine away from fence line after tensioning and terminating wire.
    Side Shift Hydraulics allow the woven wire to clear machine tracks and dispense while driving forward with upgrade
      option. Remote Control Hydraulics upgrade allows operation inside of enclosed cabs with doors. Made in the USA.

       3 Available Models:
       WIRSTR3E: Economy Model. No Side Shift or Tilt Swivel. 8’ Clamp Bars Sold Separately.
       WIRSTR1: Non Side Shift Model. Tilt Swivel.

       WIRSTR2RC: Side Shift Model with Tilt Swivel and Remote Control Hydraulics.

       •  Capable of dispensing and
          stretching wire up to 8 feet high

       •  Dispense from either side of
          the stretcher

       •  Hydraulic side tilt

       •  Hydraulic side shift

       •  Remote control hydraulics                         Standard Valve Bank Controls   Remote Control Hydraulic Upgrade
                                                                                              Scanreco electronics powered by
          (optional)                                        Adjustable controls for machines   DEWALT or MILWAUKEE battery.
                                                                 with no doors on cab.

       •  Hydraulic clamps with UHMW-PE
           inserts to protect wire                                 Visit our YouTube channel

       •  3-point hook-up and                                          for more information!
          skid steer mount

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