ST400 Pneumatic Fence Post Stapler

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The Pneumatic ST400 fencing stapler was built to solve the problem of using a hammer to drive staples into wooden posts. This tool is also compatible with the Power Staple Insulator Guide Attachment allowing you to easily erect an electric fence using the PEL/Speedrite/Stafix Wood Post Claw Insulator.


    • Adjustable power for high density timber.
    • Reliability for high volume fence construction.
    • Engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty fencing staples.
    • Manufactured from high impact resistant steel for long life.
    • Ideal for heavy duty rural fencing applications.
    • Custom nose locates the wire for speed and reliability.
    • Adjustable Depth of Drive.
    • Top Load Magazine for fast reloading to minimize down-time.
    • Adjustable Air Deflector – deflects discharged air away from operator.
    • Sequential Trigger System for superior operator safety.
    • Swivel coupling for greater flexibility and added convenience.
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